Remark Solutions for

Construction Sites

Remark provides safe and intelligent construction solutions by monitoring
on-site safety regulations in order to improve site production efficiency

Safety and Security

PPE Enforcement

  • Verify correct PPE is being worn by the appropriate workers. Such as:
    • - Safety helmet wearing
    • - Reflective clothing wearing
    • - Special PPE wearing monitoring, e.g. protection glasses and gloves for welding worker

AI Safety Awareness

  • Abnormal behaviour detection, e.g, falling down, violence or running unsafely.
  • Anti-operational blind point.
  • Operational safety monitoring using multiple sensors
  • Virtual fence with multi-sensors to prevent outsiders or animals from entering
  • Route/exit blocking alert

Smart Smoke Monitoring System

  • Alerts will be triggered if any smoke or fire incidents are detected.
  • Monitor the concentration of smoke or flames to assist in the prevention of accidents.

Allow Remark AI to build

smarter construction sites

Monitor objects and people

Human/Object detection, Virtual Fence, Events Detection

Vehicle Management

  • Vehicle detection, tracking to monitor parking, loading or working status.
  • External vehicle plate recognition is used for access control.
  • Internal vehicle positioning system and working record monitor.
  • Parking management or on-site area access control.

Operation Management

  • Intelligent weighbridge system for tracking inventory flow and stock management.
  • Muck truck coverage recognition for regulation compliance.
  • Vehicle flushing monitoring system for regulation compliance.
  • Estimation of material volume and detection of equipment anomalies such as machine blocking.

Personnel Management

Multichannel ID Verification

Face recognition, QR code, Bluetooth provide various choice for a smooth user journey.

Personal Access Control and People Management

  • Control Room monitoring and granting access in real time
  • For individual access management and tracking, assign personal detail tags such as: Watchlist, VIP, Manager, and Visitor.

Health & Safety

  • Keep track of daily health records with mobile app.
  • Temperature and mask wearing enforcement at entrances or middle check-points.
  • Monitor social distancing and occupancy density.
  • Contact tracing on multiple channels using a camera, Bluetooth, and UWB.

Working Site / Rest Room Staggered Slot Arrangement

  • Control the maximum occupancy density of areas
  • Avert cross-transmission of workers by enforcing social distancing.